Monday, September 6, 2010

Building A Blog Habit

This is my 2nd real blog entry & I need to get into the habit. In my 1st real entry, I spoke a lot about twitter and this will be a theme to a lot of my entries because twitter is how I got online (upcoming post) and how I relate to most of the online world. It took me a long time to get comfortable with the twittersphere or even saying twitter in public and I suspect it will take me years to get comfortable with the blogosphere. For starters, I am really not 100% sure what the hell this blog is about!?! But as soon as I know, I promise to share. ;)

I quit twitter once because I could not see the immediate value but being a persistent guy, I went back with renewed fervor. This blog must be part of my routine so my blog doesn't peter out. I will also need a plan to keep this thing moving. Planning every detail out piece by piece isn’t exactly my forte…..

So I just started a new paragraph. That just happened. 

I fear my blog will never be in a straight line. Staying on topic, providing value consistently and concise story telling are my long-term goals. For example, I feel like the title for the post should be "Fake it till you make it" because this post isn't really speaking to the point of building a habit. I guess I will have to do a "Building A Blog Habit - Redux" later, after I have some knowledge to share. 

Earlier today, I got a tweet from @WebAnna, that led me to her post titled: "Why Do We Blog?"  and while reading her blog, I ran across a link within Anna's post by @TollyM titled: "Blogging and Ego". I was lucky enough to meet both of these terrific people at #VideoCampATX  (for all y'all non-hashtaggers - 'Video Camp Austin Texas 2010'). Big THANKS to David J. Neff III or (@daveiam on twitter)  for putting Video Camp Austin together for us!

Why did you start your blog? Did blogging come from a place of passion, professionalism or was it part of a plan?


  1. First of all, I LOVE Anna and Tolly- they are both fabulous!! I guess David is pretty okay too...

    I started my blog because I had a lot to say that I am very passionate about. It's taken me a while to get into a routine with blogging, but I freakin love it. I know yours will be awesome too :)

  2. Oh goodness. I've done two blog posts myself where I'm like, "OK, now I'm doing this! No, but like, for real this time." I think everyone has this moment. Some of us have it multiple times a year.

    I even had the personal v. professional blog debate too. Which ultimately resulted in two different blogs, one of which is often neglected.

    So this comment is to say I absolutely understand where you're coming from. You'll do great though. I look forward to reading :)

  3. I started my blog to collaborate with others and showcase the work we have been doing. So if anyone has any ideas, let me know! :)

    I also had the professional v. personal debate, and still do considering my LinkedIn account drives traffic to the site. I just hope potential employers know they're getting someone serious about digital media... but with a sense of humor!

  4. Thanks you much Anna, Kelly and, of course, Cathy (my sister in crime). You are all inspiring and doing a great job holding down the online. I am grateful that you all took the time to check out my word-stuff. Sorry it took me a while to respond. Still getting the hang of this.

    Y'all come back, ya hear!?! :)