Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The 'Soylent Green' Blog

I do know for fact, one component that I will be a theme in my blog and that is the amazing people that I get to meet, work with, spit fire ideas at and people that I respect. I could go on for weeks about the people that kickass and don't get enough props for it and I like cheering for the underdog. The underdog is something that everyone can relate to. That is one reason it is part of my twitter bio @michaelpearsun. There are so many people that go through life everyday feeling like "Rudy" Ruettiger, you know from that movie, "Rudy", right? A smaller football player, not perfectly suited to compete versus NCAA caliber opponents, but against all odds gets to play for the University of Notre Dame.

Over the past two years of pretty heavy social media involvement, I met hundreds of people, if not in the thousands. Some amazing, some great friends and then the many others. Austin is a terrific place to engage in social media. Some have even gone as far to call Austin - "The Social Media Capital of the World". Not sure if I completely agree with that, but due to small size of the city with some many social players & a little know event of SXSW & SXSWi  , I'd say Austin has an unarguable right to be in that debate.

People are everything. People are behind all the technologies, companies and products that make our lives easier. People need love. They deserve kudos. Something that I noticed a long time ago, is that most people do not give compliments enough. This might not be completely analogous online because bloggers & other social media types are often very appreciative & giving people but in day-to-day life, it seems that most people are not attentive when it comes to giving regular positive feedback. Most people tend to look for the bad, instead of immediately looking for the positive. It is a rough call sometimes. I guess it can depend of people level of comfort or communication style. In general, if someone is new to something or a slower learner, I try to look for the positive improvements, no matter how small, rather than the things that I might do different.

Three of my favorite people that I have met through this journey and people that I'm lucky to consider friends:

1) @codypo on twitter. He is awesome. Clever, funny, and perfect for the webs. His blog "The Goulash" looks to be a little neglected but he is a busy dude and expecting a little one. There content he creates is a great little piece of the internet.

2) @jos3ph on twitter. He is a pretty recent dad himself, not sure if Cody & Joseph have met, maybe Joseph can give you a few pointers on 'Parenting Excellence' and what to expect. Joseph's blog looks like it has been neglected a little also but I expect great things from him. He is a super smart guy that I think everyone should know. His blog.

3) @be3d on twitter.He is a cool dude, despite being from California, we still love this dude. ;) He is smart, kind, has an eye for what is relevant and gets social media from a business perspective. He is younger than me but in terms of a lot of this stuff, I really respect his opinion. Recently I tweeted this because I truly believe it. He does good stuff. Like his blog - "!

I've never actually seen "Soylent Green" but have seen back in 1993 SNL skit that spoofed "Soylent Green" that made a lasting impression. SPOILER ALERT "IT IS MADE OUT OF PEOPLE!!"

Phil Hartman - Soylent Green
Uploaded by Cinecruche. - See more comedy videos.
(Not sure how long this clip will stay here and the quality is low but it made me laugh.)

In this clip we learn that Soylent-Fill-In-The-Blank is made out of people. Even after they told us that they had changed the recipe, it was still made out of people. So I think that my 'Soylent Blog' will also be made of people! Rest In Peace Phil Hartman & Chris Farley. You all were immensely loved & personally brought great joy to my life.


  1. You're probably right in general about people not giving enough compliments, but I find I get and give a whole lot more support and praise since I've been on Twitter. The ATX tweeps are an especially awesome bunch.

    Don't bother to watch Soylent Green, the SNL sketches are way better!


  2. Thanks Jen for the comment. I completely agree that Austin + Twitter = some great folks. btw, I really like what you are doing over at your blog... Love that you took blogathon inspiration and turned it into a post & a scarf! Bueno idea.